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CopperDry™™ Deodorant

As a performing musician, I find myself in front of an audience a lot. For a long time my serious perspiration problem made me self conscious every time I went on stage. I tried product after product and nothing worked. I would even apply antiperspirant as much as five times a day with no improvement. My underarms would still perspire and they would be raw and itchy. Finally I found CopperDry™, and now, I don’t have to worry anymore about sweat rings or bad odor! It works fast and stays effective throughout the day. Plus it’s gentle so it doesn’t cause irritation. CopperDry™ has given me invaluable, career-bolstering confidence. It’s an amazing product!

Oberlin, Ohio

This is a great product! I used to have a tough underarm sweating problem. I am a preforming dancer, and, underarm sweat rings on my outfit would be embarrassing, especially during performances. I had tried many many other products, but none were entirely satisfactory for my challenge. CopperDry™ worked perfectly, and, was able to entirely stop the embarrassing sweat rings. Even better, now, I only need to re-apply the product 2-3 times per week to keep the problem under control. CopperDry™ is simply great.

Oakland, California

I used to have a tough underarm odor problem. I had tried all sorts of other deodorants, including many over the counter products, and, even a prescription brand. None were satisfactory for my challenge. When I tried CopperDry™, it worked great! It was the only thing that really helped me. It also worked great for controlling my armpit sweating. It’s an amazing product.

Pleasanton, California

Copper Desert™ Deodorant

I tried it, and, it’s the strongest solution for stopping sweating that I have ever used. As a test, I applied it a few times to only one armpit, and, on that side, it was able to completely stop the armpit wetness showing on my shirt. This was even after a good work out.

Pasadena, California

It works. I used the copper formulation for an armpit sweating situation, and, it was able to completely stop the sweating. When I applied it to only one armpit, that side had either no sweat ring, or, a greatly reduced sweat ring, depending on how much I put on. Again, it works.

Alameda, California

Copper Arizona Deodorant

I used to sweat strongly especially on warm mornings. I tried many other underarm treatments, and, they seemed to have no effect at all. The Copper Arizona product completely stopped the sweat rings on my shirt around my armpits. It didn’t irritate me either, but, I don’t have sensitive skin. It’s a great product!

C. M.
Alameda, California

I have a foot odor and wetness problem. This liquid has been very helpful in controlling it.

R. M.
Alamo, California

Copper California Deodorant

I have a long standing foot sweating problem. When as a test, I used this formulation on only one foot, the decrease in sweating was clearly visible on the treated foot. Nothing else that I have ever tried has been able to do this.

L. E.
Oakland, California

Copper Desert Deodorant