Do you sweat too much? Do you have sensitive skin? Are you unhappy with the performance of your current deodorant? Do you want to experience a reduced feeling of wetness? Are you concerned with the possible health effects that aluminum-based products may have on your long term health? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then it’s time to try something new. Unlike its predecessors, Copper Medical Company takes a fresh and natural approach to treating a common plight.

Rather than employing unnatural, aluminum-based compounds and perfumes, which can irritate the skin, our four deodorants: CopperDry™, Copper Desert™, Copper Arizona™ and Copper California™ use an ancient secret weapon: copper. This natural element has a history of cosmetic use and addresses underarm issues like no other. Copper has recently been shown to be highly effective in reducing sweating in a recently published study ( Copper also is an effective, natural, and, ancient, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal element. Combining copper with salicylic acid and propylene glycol, our deodorants can soothe and smooth the skin while also preventing unpleasant odors.

If you want to experience a reduced feeling of wetness, and aluminum-based products continue to fall short, try the only copper-based deodorant on the market today.

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Copper Desert Deodorant