To visit Dr. Bloom’s private practice website and learn more about Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and other dermatological issues please visit

To visit Dr. Bloom’s private practice website and learn more about Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and other dermatological issues please visit

Q. Does Dr. Bloom have a website for his private practice?
A. Yes, you can visit his private practice website at

Q Can a product be both an anti-perspirant and a deodorant?
Yes. Many products are both (see below). However, for regulatory and practical purposes, the product must be labeled/registered as one or the other.

Q. What is an antiperspirant?
A. The scientific definition of an antiperspirant is anything that stops, or, reduces sweating. The FDA defines an antiperspirant as something that must reduce sweating at least 20%, in at least half of the users and it must contain an authorized aluminum compound listed in the FDA approved monograph. Currently only formulations containing aluminum are permitted to be labeled as “anti-perspirants,” as per regulations. Although copper chloride, in the CopperDry vehicle/solution, has been shown to reduce sweating (see, our products are referred to as deodorants, and, not as anti-perspirants, as they currently best meet the deodorant requirements/guidelines.

Q. What is a Deodorant?
A. A deodorant is defined as something that prevents odor. Currently all of the Copper Medical Company products are classified, and, registered as deodorants.

Q. Can I travel with Copper Medical Company products in my luggage?
A. Yes. The dispensing cap may open, so we advise that you secure it with the original shipping cap and place a rubber band around the top. We have had no problems with bottles shipped under those conditions.

Q. Where can I find a list of ingredients in Copper Medical Company products?
A. All of our products, and their ingredients, are found on our “Which Copper Formulation is Best for You” table, located HERE.

Q. Is it okay to apply the products on parts of the body other than the underarms?
A. Sure! Some products have been used successfully on feet. See the table.

Q: Do any of the products work for hand challenges?
A: Hand challenges can be more difficult. We have begun to formally address this situation, and, work is ongoing on this vexing problem. (Note: Dr. Bloom does treat hand challenges in the setting of his private practice. Click here for more information about Dr. Bloom’s private practice.) Bolded should link to the practice site.

Q. Is it OK to leave on all day?
A. Yes, but the product may fade clothing due to acidity.

Q. How long does a bottle of deodorant last?
A. A long time! A bottle of deodorant can last one to four months depending on the individual situation.

Q. Does it sting or hurt when applying the product?
A. Some patients, with sensitive skin, using the stronger products, have reported this. But the sensation is temporary. This has also been reported for the highest strength aluminum based conventional products.

Q How long does the effect last?
A. In unpublished studies, the reduced feeling of wetness, after three nightly applications, lasted about 2 weeks. That is, after two weeks, the feeling of wetness returned by about 50%. These studies were done in regular, healthy, patients with out pre-excising sweating challenges.

Q. Are Copper Medical Company products FDA registered?
A. Yes, all of our products are FDA registered as deodorants.

Q. Are the products tested on animals?
A. No, they are not.

Q. Are your products fragrance-free?
A. Yes, all of our products are free of fragrance and perfumes.

Q. Do Copper Medical Company deodorants stop sweating?
A. Current FDA guidelines state that only aluminum-based products are classified as antiperspirants. In terms of published scientific research, we have successfully published one peer-reviewed study addressing the use of copper to control sweating ( Also, while we have heard, anecdotally, that some people, outside of the scientific study, have experienced a reduced feeling of wetness, we make no consumer claims of physiological sweat reduction for any of our products.

Q. Is it unsafe to diminish underarm sweating?
A. No correlation has been shown to exist between how much a person regularly sweats and how long they live. Some people almost never sweat in that location, yet have healthy happy lives. However, some people who sweat excessively do suffer from embarrassment and therefore don’t lead as happy and active a life as they would like. In any case, Copper Medical Company recommends moderation in the use of all of its products. If used properly, per included directions, Copper Medical Company deodorants are safe and effective.

Q. Are your products kosher and halal?
A. All of our products are kosher and halal.

Q. Do Copper Medical Company products contain alumimum?
A. Yes. Some do, but, in relatively low concentrations, relative to other aluminum-based products. Also, for those products that do contain low concentrations of aluminum, it is always in combination with copper.

Q. Are there any medical conditions where one should not use Copper Medical Company products?
A. Avoid use or consult with your physician before using if you have Wilson’s disease, cancer, salicylate poisoning, or Menkes disease.

Q. When should I not use Copper Medical Company products?
A. Do not use on open skin or after shaving, as it may cause skin irritation. The product is somewhat acidic (as are most aluminum-based products) and may fade colors on clothing. We recommend you use the products at night only, or carefully during the day. Also, the product can fade/stain carpets/counter tops/furniture. Most people have no experiences with color fading on clothes, or other items, mentioned above. The products are not notably worse in this aspect than the conventional high-strength aluminum-based products currently in wide use. We ask that you use at your own risk

Q. I’m a doctor, is it possible to purchase Copper Medical Company products to sell to my patients?
A. Yes! If you are a licensed physician you may contact us at to begin the sales process.

Q. How can I purchase Copper Medical Company Products?
A. All four of our products are available to purchase through this website. Please click here to see our catalog and to order the product that is right for you!

Disclaimer: The information provided within this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a dermatologist or other health care professional.

Q. Can international callers use the 800 number?
A. No. International callers should use 1-510-568-8040
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